I’m writing about a canadian company so I’m sticking to english for this blogpost.

So there are companies like vultr, digitalocean that be like „m8 you are overdue, pay or we cancel your shit an delete eveything after day x“

Then there are companies like upcloud which say:
„the second you are overdue, the vpses will get shutdown, after that, you got a month to pay it or you will loose your IPs, another month then the vps gets deleted, and on the third month we’ll erase your data.“

Then there is ServaRica which goes „VM Deleted Bye:)“ after 2 weeks overdue, just like that. And they specify on storage solutions so this amazes me that they fuck your backups up so easily.

I wrote to them about this, they state writing a ticket could have postponed the payment for up to a month.

In my opinion if you value your data please don’t choose this provider.

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Eine Antwort zu ServaRICA

  1. Mohamed sagt:

    Not true, I’m also one of the customers of service, They have incredible support.

    If non-payment they suspend it for three weeks.

    after almost a month if you don’t notice or pay it will get terminated. Not before that.

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