This blog entry will be written in english to inform a broader audience on how weird really is.

So I registered for a packet account and was quickly put into extended review mode aka blocked mode.

Why is this the case? Apparently they do an seemingly automatic check if they can find me on facebook, linkedin or github. That, besides github, being not the case, they wrote me if I can give them other verification so I dropped them some websites I host and am named as admin on, plus my keybase and github account.

Great, but now they want to know my use case, after I told them that a mere email before. Not explaining it in detail to them.

Here I am, sitting forever in their locked extended review account. Not getting my money then, weird ass company.

What’s a good alternative? upcloud is. After setting things up and testing a bit with cloud configurations, they gave me a call and I told them I might switch to cloud hosting in 2020 as my current provider is a little bit expensive so they told me about getting funds for changing to help me getting started. This is how you approach customers very well, not like packets: „You don’t use linkedin, are you a russian blackhat or something?“.

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