You always hear people ranting about G2A being nothing but a bunch of scammers.
As I learned today, that is a matter of fact!

Okay so first of all, I bought an ELEX key rather cheap on G2A.
I’ve put it into Steam, just to get notified it has already been activated on a different account! Yay!

The Seller wrote: „Hello, Could you please contact Steam support and ask when was the key activated? Regards.“

I’m like: „Wait a minute, that sounds like scam. Selling used keys and trying to prolong things“

I’ve been like „Nope thats a scammer, please refund or give new key“ and provided what I could without asking Steam that weird question, like im the one that has to prove not being a scammer.

Dispute resolved in favor of the buyer. I was like OKAY EFF YOU G2A. PayPal Dispute. I’ve asked the Steam Support, got a date. New ticket opened.

This time the seller agreed on paying back the money.

2 weeks later, still nothing.
Because of the dispute.

Turns out PayPal is not so eager to help with digital stuff as they state in their Buyers Protection. PayPal dispute closed in favor of G2A. Flipping great.

Wrote another ticket, I’ll just have to wait apparently.
In the end I’ll get 20€ back but will sit on my 5€ for the unused DLC key.

G2A account closed, after being a loyal customer for many years, active G2A Deals and Shield subscriber.

Conclusion: the G2A shield is not worth shit. Don’t bother activating it. And don’t bother buying at G2A.

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