Who leaked my email accounts?

I’m doing a clever thing, I made a mailbox for every service I use,
that way I can see who sells or leaks my mail addresses. I’m not going to post a date on when I believe a leak happened.

Heres a list that I’ll hopefully update once I block more spam:

streamscene (not exactly sure how that happened, can’t remember using anything named like that)

bitly (often used url shortener, used it for a while when it was popular to do so on twitter)

ebay (cheap stuff)

townofsalem (a little game, newsletter)

bbv-net (local newspaper got defaced once)

phpfreaks (probably went there for help on a php topic once)

warezfusion (oh.)

dayzepoch (registered to the epochmod forums to report a bug)

gamona (previous games news site, now spieletipps)

gamigo (previous free mp games provider)

adobe (adobe account for creative cloud)


gh (galbadia hotel, was a gaming music website)


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