Uniregistry, the domain provider everyone should avoid

Once more I’m writing my blog post in english, to increase my reach, helping more people to avoid Uniregistry at all cost.

I’m having some .de domains over at uniregistry which come with a strict ruleset. Denic is concerned about people loosing their domain unwanted, so after your domain runs out at any provider, it will be put into transit in almost all circumstances, EXCEPT if you ask your provider to cancel it and the provider is telling you like „I won’t be able to let it run out but rather delete it“, then it is legit for the provider to delete it. ONLY if you by yourself accept or request a deletion.

I have been to several providers, and this is the only one that just deletes the domain on running out. I phoned with Denic about it and they told me this should’nt be happening and that a lawyer is a good option in this case as they won’t help me with provider trouble. They also don’t seem to be interested in enforcing their ruleset on providers which is a pity.

After writing a ticket on how they misbehaved, they told me to go to domain archive and ask for retrieving it out of grace period which would cost a hefty $50 (at INWX it would be $23) to retrieve it. Oh and while I’m at it I should just buy the domain for 10 years ahead so it won’t run out again!

Obviously I was like „Uhm, but you made a mistake here, fix it, I won’t pay extra money for your unprofessionalism.“ And look at that, no response since Wednesday. So much for their „we WILL answer within 24h!“ policy. Now I’ve decided to call them, besides a menu where I got to choose weither I wan’t to call tech support, general support et cetera, I get into a 3 second long queue, then I’d have to leave a message on their answering machine with tons of information which I won’t, so the phone support is extremly shit aswell.

Now for two more problems and why I lowkey wanted to help denic bust them, however as previously mentioned, they are not up to it. My second problem with Uniregistry is, that they literally do not notice you transferring out domains. I literally paid a domain once, which was transferred out a month ago. Of course after texting the support I got it back after a while, still this is crap. The third problem is, they 4/5 times fail to update a nameserver when denic is involved.

So in general, they have decent nameservers, higher than average pricing, a decent app, but besides that, they’re to be avoided imho.

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