Terraria, nur Windows Dedicated Server…

Super geil… Terraria Server sind laut Angaben von Terrariaonline nur Windows Client Files ohne DX. Was zum Teufel!!!

Mein Terrariaonline Beitrag dazu:

What the fuck. Just what the fuck. Nothing else then what the fuck.

„Linux is a leading server operating system, and runs the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world“

Does that tell you that it is dangerously neccessary to get dedicated servers for WINDOWS? Are you seriously only getting a windows exe for serverhosting?!

That would be fucking disappointing, you would be one of the worldwide 4 games which have windows server capability before linux server binary :(.

Happy birthday, WINE! I guess that would not work, and if, simulated windows lags.

Daraufhin hat jmd geantwortet:

you need steam to even get the sever software tools
and sence steam is pc/mac olny……yah not gonna happen lol

Daraufhin ich:

You are totally wrong sir, what do you guess are all the css server hoster using? windows? with 200€ monthly subscription to windows? wouldn’t that be thrown away money?

To get it to the point, there IS steam for linux. Only for the purpose of hosting servers.

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