Path of Exile Beta

I’m writing this in english, because i might want to show it to some english speaking guys aswell.

Today, 10:48 AM the following mail was in my inbox:

Hi q23p,

Welcome to the Path of Exile Beta!

We’ve been working on Path of Exile for five years now, and are incredibly excited (and a little nervous) to be finally sharing it with people, especially other fans of action RPGs.

This is a genuine product testing beta, not a ‚marketing beta‘. We’re a small indie team that wants your honest feedback. The game will continue to change regularly based on your opinions.

Path of Exile is currently unfinished. We have many months of changes planned, including revamps of almost every major system in the game. Some large features are not enabled yet and will be added early in the Closed Beta. We intend to openly discuss our plans for these systems so that we can get quality feedback. Please visit the Beta forums to read our plans for these areas.

Like any other Beta test, ours contains some content that is not announced or not finished yet. This email outlines the rules of what you can and can’t talk about publicly regarding the Beta.

– You can tell people that you are in the Beta. Your account is marked as „Beta Member“ on the forums.
– You can discuss any publicly available information that you would normally have discussed before you were in the Beta test.
– You’re welcome to post your general opinions on the game. Please do not go into detail about unannounced specifics or unfinished systems.
– Please do not reveal unannounced information or comment on how things in the Beta work. For example, you should not post about some skill that hasn’t been announced yet, or some unannounced looting system we are testing out.
– Please do not post balance values from the game or update public websites or wikis with this information. For example, if someone is gathering a list of item names in the Beta, you should not tell them new names. This information will change very frequently and we don’t want to confuse people.
– You may stream gameplay or post screenshots and videos without permission. If recording video or streaming gameplay, please disable global chat and remind viewers that the game is in Closed Beta and that much is changing with every patch.
– Please do not share your account. In the future, we’ll periodically allow you to invite some friends to play with.
If you abuse these rules we reserve the right to remove your access.

If in doubt, please ask for permission. We’ll probably say yes if the request is reasonable. We’re not trying to stop word from getting out (we’d love you to spread the word!), we just want to avoid misinformation about things that are not finalised.

You should now be able to see the Closed Beta forums on the Path of Exile site. Please post bug reports, feedback and suggestions for improvement to these forums rather than the public ones – otherwise we’ll miss them and other Beta testers won’t be able to add their views.

We believe the quality of your feedback and suggestions during this Beta will be one of the biggest contributors to the success of the final game. So, please don’t lurk and do give specific feedback and constructive suggestions not just complaints. We’re listening to everything you say.

Also please note that characters will be wiped at the end of the Closed Beta period and might be wiped periodically during Beta for any reason.

The game is approximately 3gb and can be installed with the following installer:
To log in, use the email address and password that you signed up for your account with.

Enjoy the Beta!

So i checked it out and well, what can I say, it is like Diablo 4 but even better.
As an Diablo Fanboy I hate and love it the same amount.

Disliking it a bit, because it copycats:
1. Overview Map
2. Inventory (I think even same inventory storage)
3. Town Portal
4. Identification Scroll
5. Item Style
6. Looting from hidden treasures, corpses and so on
from Diablo in an obvious way at the moment.
But hey, did Diablo patented it? I don’t think so.
And I also dislike it a bit because it might never be seen in german stores, because it is meant to be Free 2 Play.

Love, because of the changes I’d like to have seen in Diablo 3:
1. Graphics are even better than Diablo 3, thunder lightnings and stuff.
2. FPS is better than in Diablo 3 even with better graphics.
3. Stat system is incredible. Not like this shitty stuff in Diablo 3 i’ve seen so far. It is a huge net of possible stats/benefits to learn.
4. The way of selling items, gaining parts of ident scrolls, orbs and stuff to trade them in for some items, theres no real ingame currency.
5. Refilling potions, varying in speed and number of usages until refill needed (much more stressless)
6. Though the item style is a bit copied, the socket system is incredible.
7. Skills gained by gems instead of permanently learned. These skills are leveling up by using them while fighting.
8. Free 2 Play, however that COULD be a curse, let’s see.
9. Nicely different classes!
10. Better online view of your characters.

I’ll give away some invites the moment i get them :). At the moment, theres randomly one account each five minutes changed from non-beta to beta account in the ranks of registered people, which i find quite interesting, never saw such kind of beta invite counter.

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