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Usually I write in german, but since ExpressVPN is a global matter and I want to reach as many people as possible, Ill go for english for this entry.

I’ve recently heard about a new VPN protocol made by ExpressVPN, called Lightway, which as I was told later still has a lot of weird issues.

So I went for a month, paid it with my main physical debit credit card and tested it out.

Okay speeds and loading times from the nearest Frankfurt node, quite noticeable that a VPN is used, nothing spectacular really.

Two days after buying it with a legit credit card, I got an interesting email:

Hello Alexander,

We’d like your help to verify your billing details so you can keep using ExpressVPN. If we can’t verify your details within 48 hours, we may cancel your ExpressVPN account and issue you a refund.

Please reply to this email with the following information:

Your phone number (including your country code)
The best time for us to contact you (including your time zone)

Thank you for your help.


ExpressVPN Billing Team

E-Mail Header: Action required: Verify your billing details with ExpressVPN

I have never ever had a company making money with someones privacy trying to fucking contact me via phone to verify me.

My usual go to VPN provider which I can only recommend, Mullvad, offers the same and more payment methods and doesn’t dare to ask for any kind of verification or data besides an email address.

I’m looking forward to the refund.

Final word on this? Avoid ExpressVPN at all cost! Imho it is mediocre and privacy invasive.

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2 Antworten zu ExpressVPN Review

  1. Edward Snowden sagt:

    I got the same email after signing up – complete nonsense. How can a company claiming to value privacy ask for a personal phone number? Looking forward to the refund and will try another VPN. Bye stupid ExpressVPN

  2. emptyvalue sagt:

    Searching for VPN providers, I stumbled upon this:

    Perhaps relevant?

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