You discovered mastodon, are an artist and are thinking about joining Think again. It has a sad record of the most blocked instances in the known fediverse. What does that mean? It means that your art reaches 1000+ less instances with 100k+ members that will just never see your content no matter what! Now you think „they blocked these for being scummy, full of nazis and what not“, absolutely not. The head admin is very well known in the instance admin community for being extremely trigger happy with that suspend button, to the point of being a meme example for bad administration. You get a single false accusation as instance admin? Consider yourself blocked. You have an open federation policy? Hell no, banned. Please pick a different instance, there are thousands of them. The chances are high however, that you don’t see the instance from that different instance. Unless you pick or as they would be stupid blocking the main hubs. While their ruleset kinda dictates them to do so. Well. But joining these big instances is bad practice for the federation model.

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