EFF – Epic Win!

EFF Dialoge über die 5 Tor Relays und meinen Wunsch ein Poster zu erhalten, unwichtige Details rausgeschnitten!


Dear EFF,

i have set up 5 Tor Relays


I hope that this is correct, and you may note the contribution 🙂

Shipping Adress would be:

Thanks, yours sincerely
Alexander Stiehl


Hello Alexander,

Thank you so very much. We’d be happy to send you a signed poster. We will check the relays out and then sign the poster and mail it to you. Then we’ll make an announcement on our site and Twitter feed.

With sincere gratitude,

Rainey Reitman
Activism Director


Thanks for responding,
i fixed it, they were at standby for reaching traffic limit, i’ve reset it and added 1tb traffic limit per month, i hope thats ok. its 1/3 of my monthly traffic 😉
They are on now and will stay on.

I’m looking forward to the poster. And i guess when our company grows bigger, which will take time, I’ll go for „major donor“ membership, your work is very appreciated.

Best wishes,
Alexander Stiehl


Thanks for the kind words and the Tor relay.

Do let me know when you’re in the Bay Area next so we can grab coffee!


Wie geil, ich werd zum Kaffee nach San Fransisco eingeladen 😀 Direkt mal den nächsten Urlaub dahin planen *g*.

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